Sunday, 17 February 2013

iknowabcd fun applicaiton iphone ipad - DOWNLOAD GAME HAVE FUN

-simple kid game learning with fun.
-random alphabet will appear on board, you need to touch a particular instructed alphabet only.
-if you tap the right one you will gain  points and if you get fail you loose  points.....
Preschool years are a time of rapid learning as you begin to prepare your child for the upcoming challenges of school.
Concepts and skills, such as letters, colors, numbers, and hand-eye coordination, can all be taught at this age, and we provide you with premium apps to help with this process.
iKnowABC makes learning Alphabet fun and easy. Letters, Words with Letters, will help your kids learn while having fun.

Recognising letters and numbers are early pre-literacy skills crucial to the foundation of future learning. Children who can identify letters will be well-prepared to learn words and read. A print-rich environment and experience with books will help children learn to identify letters and numbers and develop a love of reading.

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