Sunday, 23 August 2015

MyReviews:Video Reviews

Welcome to MyReviews:Video Reviews app. 

The app will record video of your customer and upload it on youtube.
MyReviews:Video Reviews ios App
 Using this app you can record your customer’s review on your business and make it more wider. 

Main play screen will continually play recorded video randomly.

You can record the review just by clicking the button “record my review” at the bottom of the screen.
You can set your iPad or iPhone at main doorstep of your shop, so everyone can view and add their review. 

 you can set video record limit minimum 10 to maximum 60 second.

To edit the setting you need to go to setting screen.

Default password is 1111. 

contact us at any time if you find any problem in setup.

To Download the app Click here 

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